Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy

Unlock the potential of Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy in this comprehensive course. Elevate your expertise in harnessing the power of AI-driven creativity and product development. From mastering Generative AI concepts to crafting innovative strategies, this program covers it all. Learn from real-world case studies and industry experts who have a proven track record of success. Dive into the world of AI-driven product ideation, prototyping, and market implementation. The brightest minds from high-growth startups sharing their innovative use cases, expect a melting pot of unique perspectives and shared wisdom. Propel your career forward with cutting-edge knowledge and insights, and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven product innovation.
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The Gen AI Product Innovation & Strategy

Unleash your potential for innovation at ‘Gen AI: Product Innovation & Strategies Unveiled’, an exclusive gathering of the sharpest minds in AI, product management, Startups, and Venture Capital. Hosted in an enchanting rainforest-themed venue, this event promises to be more than just enlightening—it’s the springboard for transformative discussions around Generative AI.

With keynote speakers from Fortune 500 companies sharing their Gen AI narratives, alongside the brightest minds from high-growth startups sharing their innovative use cases, expect a melting pot of unique perspectives and shared wisdom. Whether you’re a seasoned executive, an ambitious founder, Investor, or an AI enthusiast, this event offers you the opportunity to not only engage with the current AI narrative but to shape its future. Get ready to connect, inspire, and be inspired. Reserve your spot now and be part of the story that shapes tomorrow.

Featured Speakers

Discover the world of “Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy” with our expert instructors who are ready to lead you through this cutting-edge course. Drawing on their vast industry experience and deep insights into the domain, our instructors have a proven track record of success in harnessing the power of Generative AI. They are enthusiastic about imparting their knowledge, offering practical guidance, and providing hands-on experience to help you excel in this rapidly evolving field. Get ready to be inspired as keynote speakers from top companies share their Gen AI narratives, alongside brilliant minds from high-growth startups showcasing innovative use cases. Embrace a melting pot of unique perspectives and shared wisdom, all aimed at empowering you to drive groundbreaking AI-driven product strategies.

All About the Speakers of the Event

Barak Turovsky
Product and business leader mastermind behind productization of one of the first ever Deep Neural Networks with Google Translate, leading up to the great AI awakening story by NY Times. He is currently Executive In Residence, Scale Venture Partners. Barak Turovsky is a Former Chief Product Officer at Trax Retail, Head of Languages AI product team at Google, Product executive at Microsoft and PayPal.
Madhuri Adettiwar
Head of Product & Strategy, Cisco. A visionary thought leader and accomplished technology executive. With a focus on solving customer problems and driving ROI through technology, they excel in new product development, digital transformations, and strategic portfolio management. Their expertise spans diverse industries, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and entertainment, with proficiency in cloud platforms, big data, IoT, AI/ML, and mobile products.
Chris Hohman
Founder / Product Management Executive of Velocity AI. Experienced Strategic team leadership, product innovation, and Agile product development expertise, dedicated to transforming organizations. Expertise in the application of new technology: AI/MachineLearning, Cross-platform digital experiences, Strategic team leadership.
Rashmi Joshi
CEO & Founder of Asha AI, a remote care solution that empowers elders to age in place more effectively, while keeping caregiving family members informed on patient health, through the powers of conversational AI and voice-enabled health solutions. She’a serial entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in product innovation and strategy, and a proven track record for building successful businesses from ground up to fruitful liquidity events.
Aqeel Ali
CEO & Founder of Doppler, a turnkey platform for creating, hosting, and deploying an AI model of you available on all social media platforms. He’s also the co-founder of Cerebral Valley, the biggest developer-focused AI community for founders and builders.
Som Mohapatra
Co-founder of Hadrius (YC W23), a Y Combinator company that automates the entire SEC ongoing compliance process with AI for financial firms. With vast experience in the finance industry, Som is a highly accomplished professional with unique expertise in finance, hedge funds, compliance, artificial intelligence, and large language models.
Barrett Williams
High Growth Gen AI Startup, Scale AI. Builds groundbreaking products, disrupts markets, and fuels economic growth. Lead diverse teams of engineers, problem-solving globally. With expertise in PCB schematics, firmware development, and business development, including VC pitches and strategic partnerships, they deliver innovative solutions.
Michelle Chen
Chief Business Officer at Insilico Medicine. Experienced biotech executive and board director with extensive experience in leadership, business and corporate development, R&D, manufacturing, marketing and commercialization. Passionate about innovative technologies for human health. Lead global business development, strategies, M&A, product portfolio strategy, marketing, communication & US operations.
Priya Saiprasad
Partner at SoftBank Investment Advisers. Priya has worked with entrepreneurs both as an investor and an acquirer. Priya was part of Square’s Corporate Development team as a Deal Lead. She worked in several acquisitions in the mobile payment, SMB SaaS and AI machine learning spaces.
Aku Srikanth
Product Executive Workday. An accomplished tech executive, data scientist, and venture capital expert, possesses core strengths in engineering, AI/ML, product management, and team building. With a notable track record, she has led strategic initiatives at DataRobot, IBM Watson/Red Hat, and NVIDIA, and has been recognized for her contributions, including Nasdaq’s Leading Women in AI award. She actively supports AI entrepreneurs and VC programs while championing women in AI.
Richard Chen
Founder and Investor at Iterative Ventures, Ex-Meta. A highly accomplished professional with expertise in entrepreneurship, venture capital, software engineering, and data science. With a background in building scalable data platforms at renowned companies like WhatsApp and Facebook, Richard brings valuable insights into technologies such as Apache Airflow, Spark, and Kubernetes. His skill set spans Python, SQL, statistical modeling, and analytics, making them a valuable speaker on various topics in the tech industry.

Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy

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Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy
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Course Curriculum

Module 1 - Gen AI Product Innovation & Strategy for Enterprises

  • Product Panel

Module 2 - Gen AI Innovation Startup Use Cases

  • Aku Srikanth
  • Aqeel Ali
  • Barrett Williams
  • Michelle Chen
  • Rashmi Joshi
  • Som Mohapatra

Module 3 - VC Panel

  • VC Panel

Unlock the Power of Generative AI: Your Ultimate Guide to Product Innovation & Strategy Success.

Who should NOT take this course:

  • Advanced Generative AI Experts: If you already possess extensive knowledge and experience in Generative AI product innovation and strategy, this course may not be suitable for you. We focus on providing valuable insights and guidance for learners at various experience levels seeking to harness the power of Generative AI.
  • Irrelevant Career Goals: If Generative AI product innovation and strategy don’t align with your professional aspirations, or you seek AI applications in other areas, this course might not cater to your specific career interests.

Who SHOULD take this course:

  • Aspiring Innovators: If you are enthusiastic about leveraging Generative AI to drive product innovation and strategic growth, this course is tailored to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in this exciting field.
  • Transitioning Tech Professionals: If you have a background in a related tech field and are eager to transition into Generative AI product development, this course equips you with the essential tools to succeed in this career shift.
  • Business Strategists: If you’re keen on integrating cutting-edge AI technologies like Generative AI into your business strategies, this course offers valuable insights and techniques to revolutionize your approach.
  • Early Career Explorers: If you are exploring opportunities in Generative AI product management and want to gain a comprehensive understanding of this domain, this course serves as the perfect stepping stone for you to make informed career choices.

Accelerate Your Career with Generative AI Product Innovation & Strategy. Enroll now to gain a competitive edge, impress employers, and unlock unparalleled opportunities as a pioneering product management leader.


Praveen Dua
Director, Product Management
"Thanks for putting together the sessions yesterday for AI Product Creators - so timely and helpful ! Kudos to the team !!"
Ankit Raheja
Product Leader - AI
"I appreciate your effort in coordinating this fantastic event. Great lineup!"
Priya Saiprasad
Partner at SoftBank Vision Fund
"So lovely meeting the team and I really enjoyed the panel :) Thanks for bringing an incredible group together. "
Kedar Shah
Sales Engineering
"Thank you for organizing the wonderful event on July 20 on Generative AI Product Strategy"

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